July, 2011 - Issue 35

This issue includes...
  • ACTION REPORT: "The Pentagon Must Be Shit Worried Knowing These Soldiers Have Minds Of Their Own And No Fear In Expressing Their Opinions"
  • Americans Don't Support The War On Afghanistan: "Lopsided Majority" Says Get Out
  • Afghanistan: "All My Guys Are Hurt. No One Cares."
  • No Thank You To Re-Enlisting
  • Wisconsin IVAW: "We Call-Out To The National Guard To Refuse Mobilization Against These Workers...Join Us As We Call For An End To The Wars"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 35

February, 2011 - Issue 34

Special Issue: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya - Soldiers in Revolt 2011

This issue includes...
  • The Time Has Come "to Revolt Against Oppression"
  • Egypt: The Clock Is Running
  • The Soldiers All Smiled With Delight
  • Libyan Soldiers Defect
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 34

December, 2010 - Issue 33

This issue includes...
  • "A War With No Clear Objective"
  • "We Should Just End It. Bring The Troops Home"
  • The Politicians Won't Talk About The War: "But For The Olechnys, Avoidance Is Not An Option"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 33

September, 2010 - Issue 32

This issue includes...
  • Indiana Soldiers Organizing Open Resistance To Afghan Deployment
  • Army Life: "Unfortunate Truth"
  • Army Life: "Suicide"
  • When The Truth Becomes Unacceptable
  • Why Are US Troops Killing Themselves? Army Prescription Of Suicide-Linked Antidepressants
  • Betrayed By Command: Injured Oregon Army National Guard Troops
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 32

July, 2010 - Issue 31

This issue includes...
  • Army Life: "The Chain Of Command And Their General Selfishness And Habitual Exploitation Of The Lower Enlisted"
  • More Army Life: "Intelligence Is Not Required To Be A Senior In The Military"
  • How Bad Is It?: In 120 Districts The Pentagon "Views As Critical" "The Government Has Full Control In Fewer Than A Half Dozen"
  • "For Over Six Years We Have Been Welcomed By The Significant Majority Of Attending Troops"
  • "Even Before I Had Left The Navy I Realized That I Was Not Protecting Freedom Or Defending The Constitution Of The Unites States"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 31

June, 2010 - Issue 30

This issue includes...
  • There Is A New Reality Growing Among Active Duty Troops
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 30

April-May, 2010 - Issue 29

This issue includes...
  • THE UNFAIR TREATMENT OF SINGLE SOLDIERS: "The Army Treats All Single Soldiers As If They Were Children"
  • Army Life
  • U.S. Command Admits IEDs Can't Be Stopped: "We Will Never Win In That Space"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 29

March, 2010 - Issue 28

This issue includes...
  • Against The Giant: "I Really Enjoy Reading The Paper And Knowing There Are Others Out There Who Agree With Us"
  • "If The Regular Civilian Population Could See The Shit That Goes On At Drum, People Would Flip Shit"
  • "When I First Came (Into) The Army, I Didn't Want To Think About Having To Fight Back - With My Leaders"
  • "I Did Not Expect To Have Traveling Soldier's Presence In Afghanistan Corroborated By A Man In Prison In Illinois" [It Gets Around]
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 28

February, 2010 - Issue 27

This issue includes...
  • "If The American Public Knew Half Of What's Going On In Iraq And Afghanistan, We'd Be Out Of There Already"
  • Movie Review: Brothers
  • "I don't even know if our generals or commanders even believe that we can win this war... What would I be dying for? What did my unit members die for?"
  • "The President Knows Perfectly Well That Afghanistan is Vietnam All Over Again"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 27

December, 2009 - Issue 26

This issue includes...
  • "I am thoroughly opposed to the Army as a whole, and the war in the Middle East"
  • "If we make it back with ten toes and ten fingers the mission is successful"
  • "Soldiers aren t dying because the Army is sending us overseas. Some of them pass away because the Army doesn't care."
  • "Morale Has Gotten Low"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 26

October, 2009 - Issue 25

This issue includes...
  • Fun Times at Fort Drum: My Story
  • Mailbag
  • "If You Are A Private, You Are Treated Like Complete Dog Shit"
  • Veterans Call For Immediate Withdrawal From Afghanistan
  • "Vietnam Without Napalm"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 25

September, 2009 - Issue 24

This issue includes...
  • "I'm Tired of Friends Dying for No Reason" says an Army MP.
  • Anti-war Coffeehouse Saves Soldiers' Lives at Ft. Hood
  • "Outreach to active duty troops will end the bloodshed for all" says Military Project organizer Elaine Brower.
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 24

July, 2009 - Issue 23

This issue includes...
  • "They helped kill my daughter" says a military mom.
  • Soldier-Killing Toxic Burn Pits Unnecessary But Profitable.
  • "I Lost Three Buddies In My Platoon In Iraq And For What?" says an Iraq vet.
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 23

May, 2009 - Issue 22

This issue includes...
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War Calls for Immediate Withdrawal From Afghanistan
  • "Why I'm Against Obama's Afghanistan"
  • Veterans Protest Operation No Change
  • Love, Dad
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 22

January, 2009 - Issue 21

This issue includes...
  • "I Could Not, In Good Conscience, Continue To Serve In The U.S. Army" says Andre Sheppard.
  • "We cannot allow any president to shift focus to Afghanistan" says Iraq vet Camilo Mejia.
  • "I could not live with myself if I kept my head down and went into another deployment without taking any action" says active-duty soldier Casey Porter.
  • D.o.D. Says Toxic Chemicals Safe to Inhale
  • "It Amazes Me That Officials Say It's Not Hazardous, Yet Somehow You Mysteriously Develop These Problems After You Get There" says
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 21

October, 2008 - Issue 20

This issue includes...
  • Hate the War? Try Voting Against It.
  • Vote Against the War, Vote Hermann
  • "If They Don't Have Soldiers To Fight The War, They Can't Fight The War No Matter How Much Money They Have" says Iraq vet Jason Hurd
  • Anti-War Vets Set Up Coffeehouse at Ft. Lewis to Reach Troops
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 20

August, 2008 - Issue 19

This issue includes...
  • "My squad and I are all behind IVAW 100%. ... This war is bullsh-t"
  • "I choose to commemorate July Fourth by recommitting myself to living by the ideals which were blazed that day" says Iraq vet Sergeant Selena Coppa
  • "We Must, As A Nation, Once Again, Embrace Defiance, Rebellion, And Resistance!" says Iraq vet Adam Kokesh
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 19

June, 2008 - Issue 18

This issue includes...
  • "This is bullshit and I'm calling you out Uncle Sam!"
  • I.V.A.W. Report on Outreach to GIs: "95-98% Were Very Receptive" writes Iraq vet Wendy Barranco
  • "The only way to stop Vietnam was for we the lowly jarheads and grunts to take our fingers off the triggers and say no"
  • "Bridging the Gap, Making It Happen" - Report on the April 5th Organizers' Conference in NYC April
  • Beware Of Useless Drugging For PTSD: "Reliving A Traumatic Experience By Writing Or Talking About It Is The Only Therapy Proved Effective By Independent Research"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 18

March, 2008 - Issue 17

This issue includes...
  • "Without the active support of military service members, this war cannot continue. ... [W]ithout people to drive the trucks, to man the checkpoints, and to go out on nightly raids, no war is possible"
  • Mailbag
  • Bridging The Gap - A Poem
  • Bridging the Gap, Making it Happen: An Organizers' Conference
  • Active-Duty and Vets Organize Against the War at Fort Hood
  • "It's soldier's lives being tossed away on this never-ending bad wager, in the hope that somehow, someday, a big win will come out of it"
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 17

February, 2008 - Issue 16

This issue includes...
  • "I, personally, don't believe in fighting for the profit of a handful of people. I also don't believe in fighting for a government that is willing, if not eager, to f--- its own people over"
  • "Not us. We're not going." - A Unit Revolts
  • Moving Forward Together
  • "The first time I put on that uniform I hoped I would wear it with honor. On Sept. 15, I finally did."
  • While Bush's Buddies Cash In On the War, Pentagon Scum Won't Supply Wounded Female Troops With Clothes Forcing Them to Beg Civilians for Help
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 16

November, 2007 - Issue 15

This issue includes...
  • "After four and a half years ... Iraq is still just keeping your fingers crossed and praying that you don't die or end up permanently disabled from an IED"
  • "We risked our lives so the Army ... could throw a rose colored lens onto a news camera"
  • "The Army Is Worn Out"
  • National Guardsmen Like Impeach Bush/Cheney T-Shirts
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 15

September-October, 2006 - Issue 14

This issue includes...
  • "A solid number, perhaps a majority, of the ordinary soldiers believed this war was bullshit"
  • A Call From Baghdad
  • Join the Military Project
  • A Choice to Make
  • Letter From a Peace Mom
  • Rebuilding the GI Movement
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 14

July-August, 2006 - Issue 13

This issue includes...
  • "Iraqis are not a threat or the enemy. We are the threat and the enemy to them."
  • Laughin', Cryin', Livin', Dyin' Hee Haw! Who's the jackass now?
  • "Soldiers Have Become More Vocal In Expressing Their Opinions Against The War"
  • "Bush has shredded the Constitution and killed over 2,200 good soldiers"
  • "It would have been a mistake for us to get bogged down in the quagmire inside Iraq" - Dick Cheney
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 13

March-April, 2006 - Issue 12

This issue includes...
  • "We definitely needed something more, more armor than just plywood and sandbags because that wasn't really going to stop much"
  • "I have not heard a worthwhile nor just reason for staying the course"
  • "The government had a plan, but it did not include the poor black people of the south"
  • Media Chatter Ignored Soldiers for Cindy
  • How the Soldiers Stopped the Vietnam War
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 12

July-August, 2005 - Issue 11

This issue includes...
  • You can't eat a soccer ball
  • "Our motivation had more to do with oil and imperialism than to do with Saddam Hussein or weapons of mass destruction"
  • A letter from Iraq: "When I found your site, I became excited to find a military paper, more precisely a soldier s paper, that will cut through the bullshit."
  • Soldiers debate the war
  • Cindy Sheehan: "Dean, you have become one of them"
  • Kerry knew about WMD lies and didn't care
  • It's about damn time!
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 11

April-May, 2005 - Issue 10

This issue includes...
  • "All the reasons we were given were false, so it was people dying and people suffering for lies"
  • "I don't think that's a good way to fight a war, just to blow the shit out of a country, kill a bunch of innocent people, and then charge into another country that has nothing to do with it"
  • I will not stop fighting until our last soldier is home
  • Letters from GIs, veterans, and military families
  • Should Al-Qaeda occupy New York?
  • The Chicken Factory
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 10

January-February, 2005 - Issue 9

This issue includes...
  • "This war is about money. The money is only making the rich man richer"
  • "You are supporting us troops out here the best way possible - trying to get us back!"
  • Rumsfeld Loses an Army
  • "George W. Bush, the soldiers that have died for this sham [...] are so much more deserving than that. You are not worth the dust off of their boots"
  • "I will act as a soldier on the behalf of the majority, and not in the interest of the few who possess the greatest amount of wealth"
  • Winning or losing in Iraq?
  • Why did Bush win?
  • An appeal to Traveling Soldier readers
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 9

October-November, 2004 - Issue 8

This issue includes...
  • F.T.A.
  • Iraq soldiers petition against stop-loss: sign it and pass it on
  • "We had no business being there in the first place. We killed people, we had our people killed, and it hasn't made any kind of difference."
  • A debate: how should service people resist the war?
  • "Every letter that is written to me by the Army telling me a load of crap only makes me fight harder"
  • The truth about John Kerry
  • Why we cannot win
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 8

August-September, 2004 - Issue 7

This issue includes...
  • "I looked in her eyes and I told her 'peace' in Arabic but what was she thinking when I told her 'peace' and I'm standing there with an M-16 trying to clear her house?"
  • First the good news, then the bad news
  • "If the Iraqis have their country back, why is my son stuck in the area?"
  • "I want to be the peace President" - Bush
  • 2004 election results in!
  • What happened to the anti-war movement?
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 goes to Ft. Bragg
  • the Death of Sgt. Van Dale Todd
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 7

June-July, 2004 - Issue 6

This issue includes...
  • "I am back in this s--t hole"
  • Bush and the brass want you to torture
  • Who's behind the torture? Start with Bush
  • A few bad apples or one rotten war?
  • Poor Kimmit couldn't take the heat
  • To my fellow troops in the Iraq war
  • Wolfowitz forgets how many GIs he's killed
  • From the mailbag
  • June 30: power handover or smoke and mirrors?
  • From mission accomplished to mission impossible
  • Army punishes GI for torturing prisoners; Army punishes soldier for not torturing prisoners
  • "There is no way a great power can run tanks into a weaker country and expect anything but what we have in Iraq"
  • Hate the war in Iraq? Try voting against it
  • An appeal to Ralph Nader: say you want to bring the troops home NOW!
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 6

April-May, 2004 - Issue 5

This issue includes...
  • "I saw the destroyed villages, I saw lives destroyed by what happened there and by what people did"
  • Military families, vets, and GIs march at Ft. Bragg
  • A Weekend of Protests
  • What they won't tell you about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Wounded soldier needs your help!
  • the Mailbag
  • The lesser evil in 2004?
  • First soldier to quit Iraq war
  • Report on Marine morale in Okinawa
  • Bush laughs at Iraq WMD lies - military families not amused
  • Words from the front-lines
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 5

January-February, 2004 - Issue 4

This issue includes...
  • Hold On to Your Humanity: An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq
  • "Marshall came to Iraq to die for a general's carpet"
  • Protest and Survive; F.T.A. in Baghdad; Bush explains how to win "hearts and minds" in Iraq
  • Guardsmen Killed by Pentagon Penny-Pinching
  • Mailbag
  • One Hundred Times at the Courthouse
  • You'll get paid - when the "war on terrorism" is over!
  • Who is the enemy?
  • Words from the front-lines
  • Should We Vote for Anyone But Bush in 2004?
  • You're Invited to Help Make History at Ft. Bragg; Protest on the One Year Anniversary of the War on Iraq
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 4

November-December, 2003 - Issue 3

This issue includes...
  • "We have all faced death here without reason or justification"
  • Reservist on leave from Iraq organizes protest to bring the troops home now
  • 25,000 rally in D.C. to say: Bring the troops home now! End the occupation!
  • Marine: "You will see me assault the Bush regime at every possible angle"
  • Why is the Pentagon ripping off the troops?
  • "How can we leave Iraq?"
  • Words from the front-lines
  • Brass aims at GIs during Rummy's visit; Wolfowitz gets a taste of Iraq
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 3

September, 2003 - Issue 2

This issue includes...
  • Bush lied - U.S. out of Iraq now!
  • Letters
  • Bring the troops home how?
  • The massacres: who is responsible?
  • Bush's war on vets
  • Viet Nam: how the soldiers stopped the war
  • Words from the front-lines
  • GI's get killed, stocks go up - rich bastards win again
  • the Fourth Infantry - lions led by asses
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 2

July, 2003 - Issue 1

This issue includes...
  • Occupation is not liberation - bring all the troops home now!
  • "Bring 'em on?"
  • What Traveling Soldier is all about
  • Marine denounces war-mongers
  • The right to resist: theirs and yours
  • Words from the front-lines
  • From "axis of evil" to "force of badness"; GIs arrested - for not stealing big enough
     Click here to download and view a PDF of issue 1

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